Thursday, August 8, 2013

Patriots Finally Find Their Franchise Quarterback in Tim Tebow

In early June, the Patriots made headlines by bringing in Tim Tebow. After a decade of embarrassing quarterback play, the Patriots have finally found their franchise quarterback.

In his opening press conference, Coach Belichick breathed a sigh of relief as he talked about Tebow after dealing with Tom Brady for years. The typically-jubilant Belichick displayed all sorts of emotions, ranging from chants of "Tebow, Tebow," to crying over the previous years of quarterback play. After Brady averaged only 30 touchdown passes a season and had a career passer rating of 96.6, the Patriots decided it was time to upgrade. Replacing Brady's crisp, on-the-money passes are Tebow's beautiful lame ducks that give everyone on the field a chance to catch. In practice, this not only allows the receivers to work on their hands but also the defensive backs, linebackers, and even the defensive lineman. Every position will get its fair share of passes.

Long gone is the slow Brady. In comes the new savior of the franchise.
We were all shocked in the 2000's when the Patriots became the team to beat despite not having "the man." There were reports that the Patriots aggressively pursued Rex Grossman because of what an upgrade he would have been over their previous situation. Another bad break ensued when former first rounder JaMarcus Russell turned them down in an apparent effort to catch Joey Chestnut. Now, after years of quarterback turmoil, the Patriots have their man.

It should come as no surprise that the Patriots signed the greatest Denver Broncos quarterback in history. But what the Patriots gain is the Broncos loss, as they have had to settle for Peyton Manning this past season. With no wins in the playoffs, it's already looking like the Broncos are trying to find a new cornerstone. But the Patriots appear to be set for at least the next 15 years, give or take a few.

Belichick was overcome with joy when talking about Tebow.
He said he expects an 80% completion percentage and 6,000 yards.
Fantasy Impact:
Not only does this turn the Patriots from a borderline playoff team to Super Bowl favorite, but the Patriots finally become relevant in the fantasy football realm. Tebow brings a lot to the table so let's analyze this top two fantasy pick:

Tebow will almost assuredly lead the league in autographs signed as his unquestioned popularity makes him a fan favorite. It also helps that during most practices he will hardly be doing anything. Clearly, he is so valuable that they don't want to risk any injuries. So expect Tebow to put up big fantasy points in that category with a very low injury risk.

While most elite quarterbacks complete near 65% of passes, Tebow chooses to let his hover around the 50% mark to even the playing field. But Belichick was reported to have said that he won't let Tebow be held back this season. So as a result, I expect somewhere around an 82% completion percentage and 6,000 yards.

Previously unquestioned number one pick Adrian Peterson made a thoroughly impressive comeback last season. Meanwhile, Tebow chose to sit out this past season to recharge. He took a job coaching the bench players of the New York Jets. Unfortunately, a butt fumble kept them out of the New York high school divisional playoffs. With a full recharge, Tebow is reportedly even more ripped and ready to run. With a basement of Eric Dickerson's best season and a ceiling of 3,000 rushing yards, Tebow will no doubt be a top two pick.

Tebow may also line up at tight end some plays according to Belichick. While it's unfortunate that it brings Brady back onto the field, it will allow Tebow to be the most complete triple threat player in the league. Expect 25-50 catches to go along with his 3,000 rushing yards and 6,000 passing yards.

So all in all, Tebow should put up somewhere between 800-1000 fantasy points. That will effectively double Brady's output last season. And Tim Tebow will finally get the appropriate amount of attention from ESPN he deserves. Thank God.

Hope you guys enjoyed this analysis on the most polarizing back-up quarterback in the NFL. Here's a challenge I have for a brave soul: Draft Tebow in the first round and find a way to win. If you do, just think of the bragging rights you will have earned. Whenever you see friends from the league, just the mention of Tim Tebow's name should be enough to bring them to tears. Is anybody up for it? Do you have the guts?

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