Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Tight End Rankings

Ranking   Player                  Bye Week                    
1             Antonio Gates       6
2             Jason Witten         5
3             Dallas Clark          11
4             Jermichael Finley   8
5             Vernon Davis         7
6             Zach Miller (FA)     ?
7             Owen Daniels        11
8             Mercedes Lewis     9
9             Kellen Winslow      8
10           Greg Olsen            9
11           Chris Cooley          5
12           Rob Gronkowski     7
13           Tony Gonzalez       8
14           Jimmy Graham       11
15           Tony Moeaki          6

       A key thing to note is that once the top 5 tight ends are gone, the rest of the tight ends basically become KICKERS.  There was hardly a difference between the 6th and 15th tight ends last year. In fact, there was just a 14 point difference! This is less than the difference between the 1st and 10th kickers and I expect this year to behave just about the same.   
        As a result, if you miss out on the elite tight ends, do not panic.  You can wait patiently for a remaining tight end that you may like and take him late in the draft. You will be no worse off with the 12th tight end compared to the 7th.

1. Best of the best: Antonio Gates
       For the usual weak tight end class, Antonio Gates is by far the most proven and in a class of his own.  He is on a high scoring offense and a consistent red zone threat who has 7 stellar seasons under his belt.
       According to ESPN fantasy expert Matthew Berry, this is shown in the points per game difference between top scorer and next 10 at respective position.  Last year, Gates averaged 13.4 points a game while the 2-11 TE's averaged just 7.1 points per game. This equates for a 6.3 point difference, which is the highest at any respective position (other than QB and Vick).
       So what this means is that Gates was much better than the next 10 guys at his position.  Hypothetically, having Gates should give you the biggest advantage over an opponent. Therefore, one should really target Gates.  He tends to go in the early 4th round and should go no later than the 5th. If you do miss on Gates, there are still 4 other elite options who are just below him, but still have the ability to match him.

2-5: Elite: Jason Witten, Dallas Clark, Jermichael Finley, Vernon Davis
       Player I want most: Jermichael Finley. Finley is going much later than Gates and has sky high potential. In a potent Green Bay offense, he will be a top option of Rodgers who missed his TE last season due to an injury.  We only have seen glimpses of Finley due to these injury concerns and is no doubt a risk, but he has big number capabilities.
       These are the only 5 elite options at tight end.  If you want one of them, you will have to jump a little early on them. But it is worth the risk as after here, there is virtually no potential for an elite tight end.

6-15: All of the others:
       Player I want the most: Owen Daniels. He is looking for a comeback year with the Texans and should be utilized in their potent offense. He and Zach Miller, who is currently unsigned, are the closest to elite you can get here. But they are still far from it.
       In terms of potential, Jimmy Graham of New Orleans has the most Gates like talent as he is a former college basketball player. Despite his raw athleticism and good hands, he is on the team that spreads the ball the most. Thus, it will be tough for him to find consistent success (much like all other New Orleans receivers).
       Of the others, I do like Rob Gronkowski after his success from last year and the fact that he has Tom Brady throwing him the ball. Still, there are plenty of options for Brady to throw and it will make consistency tough for him.

2011 WR Tiers

       Every year, wide receivers are probably the hardest to predict for fantasy success. Of the top 20 from each previous season, only about 10 remain there the next season. So 50% of the top 20 will be there this year and a new 10 players should fill those spots. So here is my attempt at putting these guys into tiers for the 2011 season.

1: Best of Best: Andre Johnson
      Player I want most: Andre Johnson. He is a class of his own and the only receiver that could possibly warrant a top 10 selection. He may be a quiet and humble player, but he knows when to give a guy a smackdown

2-5: Elite: Roddy White, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Jennings
       Player I want most: Roddy White. He is the most consistent here although do not be surprised if Fitzgerald can make a comeback to the top 2. Even with the likes of John Skelton, Derek Anderson, and Max Hall quarterbacking, Fitzy still put up a solid 90 catches, 1137 yards, and 6 TD's. With Kolb now at Qb, his value could shoot up.
       The only injury risk here is Calvin Johnson who seems to get nicked up every year. But with the most freakish talent of them all and a healthy QB, Megatron may be ready for a mega year. And Jennings is no doubt a great receiver, but may find the ball less with the return of Jermichael Finely and a plethora of targets for Aaron Rodgers. 

6-10: Still Number 1 Options: Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, Reggie Wayne
       Player I want most: Vincent Jackson. This is a very interesting tier as Wayne has fallen more than we've seen and newcomers Nicks and Wallace make a splash. Philip Rivers produces no matter who his receivers are and with Jackson back to action, he figures to be a prime target and in line for a great season.
       Mike Wallace is simply explosive with 21.0 yards per catch last season and is still Big Ben's number 1 target. Austin appears to be the safest of the Cowboy's receivers and with Romo back, Austin will succeed. But Reggie Wayne, a perennial producer has dropped due to several reasons. He had a career high 12 drops last season and appears to have lost a bit of his step.  Even coming off a career high in receptions, he is now 32 and other options in Indy have stepped up making Wayne a solid, but not as surefire option.

11-15: Solid: DeSean Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Marshall
       Player I want most: Dwayne Bowe. He broke out last year and is primed for another big year. But his success depends greatly on Matt Cassell's consistency. Bowe has top 10 potential although will most likely hover between the 10 to 15 mark.
       DeSean Jackson is another playmaker who relies on big plays to produce fantasy points. Him and Maclin should both be solid options in the fast Philly offense. Marshall here is the biggest question but also has great potential to return to his old form. With the QB situation looking ever so slightly better in Miami, Marshall could rebound nicely, or plummet even more.  In PPR leagues, jump on Welker. He will not disappoint. 

16-20: The Hard to Predict: Dez Bryant, Mike Williams, Marques Colston, Santonio Holmes, Brandon Lloyd
       Player I want most: Marques Colston: Drew Brees spreads the ball like crazy in New Orleans, but Colston still puts up solid seasons.  He has the best track record here and you know what you will get with him.
       Williams and Lloyd were both major surprises last season. While Williams could potentially improve, Lloyd has nowhere to go but down and is a risky pick. Bryant and Holmes each have great potential with solid receivers around them. Bryant cold even be the best receiver in Dallas, but it is just too hard to predict with these guys.

21-25: Potential: Kenny Britt, Steve Johnson, Mario Manningham, Austin Collie, Percy Harvin
       Player I want most: Kenny Britt. With Hasselbeck or Locker at QB, I expect Britt to develop into the solid receiver we saw glimpses of last season.
       Look for Collie in the mid rounds as he could return to his pre-concussion form. As for Harvin, with McNabb throwing and Rice gone, he will be the main target and a good mid option.

26-35: A Bundle of Players: Anquan Boldin, Chad Ochocinco, Santana Moss, Sidney Rice, Pierre Garcon, Malcom Floyd, Mike Thomas, Johnny Knox, Steve Smith (CAR), Michael Crabtree
       Player I want most: Chad Ochocinco. Now in New England, he has great potential and will be available much later in the draft.  He is worth the risk as he could really shine with Brady.
       None of these players are sure things. The safest may be Boldin and you'll have to probably have to pick at least one of these guys so good luck.

36-47: Jordy Nelson, A.J. Green, Lance Moore, Julio Jones, Jerome Simpson, Deion Branch, Davone Bess, Robert Meachem, Roy Williams, James Jones, Hines Ward
       Player I want most: Julio Jones. With Michael Jenkins gone, look for Jones to get a fair share of targets as Roddy White will draw many double teams.
       There's potential here as many of these guys will be hit or miss. In PPR leagues, look for Davone Bess who quietly caught 80 passes.

Sleepers: Jacoby Ford, Steve Breaston, Danny Amendola, Emmanuel Sanders
       Ford showed big play potential and Amendola is a great PPR bargain. Breaston has a chance with a new team and Sanders could find himself in the mix in Pittsburgh. 


Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Fantasy RB Tiers

1-3: Best of the Best: Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster
       Player I want most: Adrian Peterson: For the past four years, he has been in the top 5 despite not ever being number 1. Even with his quarterback situation, he has never been hurt by the likes of poor quarterbacks like Tavaris Jackson so I expect more greatness from All Day.
       All of the 3 RB's here have a case to be number one and you can't go wrong with any with the exception of Foster. When it was found out Foster played all last season with a knee injury, it made his season that more incredible. Still, after just one season, he is the least proven of the three and will find it hard to match last season's numbers.

4-7: Elite: Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice
       Player I want most: Jamaal Charles. He has the freshest legs of any and has an electrifying 6.0 yards per carry for his CAREER.  
       In PPR leagues, these guys are studs as they are great out of the backfield. I would elevate McCoy to 4th overall because he is bound to have lots of catches from Vick. Once again, these four are all fairly proven and have solid upside.  The only concern here is with MJD and his injuries. But if healthy, you can expect around 1,600 yards and 8-10 TD's.

8-10: Rock Solid: Rashard Mendehall, Michael Turner, Steven Jackson
       Player I want most: Steven Jackson. Often a late 1st rounder, Jackson is a mark of consistency and is unchallenged at the running back position in St. Louis. And in PPR leagues, he goes ahead of Mendenhall and Turner. Despite a career low in yards per carry for Jackson, I'll take him anytime.
       Michael Turner is my next favorite here as the Falcons constantly pound the ball with him.  Mendenhall averaged just 3.9 yards a carry last year, but his 12 TD's more than made up for it.  Why do I rank Mendenhall ahead of both then? His upside is higher and unlike Jackson and Turner, he is far from age 30. 

11-13: The Iffy Good: Frank Gore, Peyton Hillis, Darren McFadden
       Player I want most: Peyton Hillis. Why? He's white. 
       All kidding aside, I do not trust McFadden and every year Gore seems to be hurt. Nonetheless, this trio is decent early to mid second round options. But it would not surprise me if the Madden curse hits Hillis, Gore gets hurt, and McFadden returns to uninspiring.  
       Player I do NOT want: Darren McFadden

14-16: Matt Forte, Knowshon Moreno, LeGarrett Blount
       Player I want most: Forte. Despite being a Packers fan, I think Forte will be a great value pick and a solid option.  Blount and Moreno each have good potential, but are a little more unsure picks.

17-21: The Free Agents and Young'ins:  Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams, Ahmad Bradshaw, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Jahvid Best
       Player I want most: Green-Ellis.  With an annoyingly long name, I think the Pats will run the ball enough to get Green-Ellis some quality scores and yardage.
       What to do with Stewart, Williams, and Bradshaw? All are pending free agents and it's very hard to tell of their value till they sign.  Stewart right now looks to be the safest as he should return to Carolina where he will certainly run the ball a lot.  With Best most likely splitting carries, it will tough for him to produce.

22-25: Redemption Backs: Cedric Benson, Ryan Matthews, Shonn Greene, Felix Jones
       Player I want most: Shonn Greene. All of these backs were in some way a disappointment last season but I expect Matthews and Green in particular to put up good, if not great numbers.  Greene will be of tremendous value for where is being picked and definitely worth a chance.

26-29: Fred Jackson, Ryan Grant, James Starks, Daniel Thomas
       Player I want most: Ryan Grant. If Grant does retake the starter's role in Green Bay, I think he will pick up where he left off.  That is about 1,200 yards and 4-6 TD's. But this is a big IF.

30-37: Marshawn Lynch, Ryan Torain, Mark Ingram, Pierre Thomas, Brandon Jacobs, Ryan Williams, Joseph Addai, Mike Tolbert
       Player I want most: Brandon Jacobs.  If Bradshaw leaves, Jacobs will see his value spike.  Either way, for a running back committee, he certainly makes the most of it and should produce touchdowns.

38-47: The Rest: C.J. Spiller, Michael Bush, Beanie Wells, LaDanian Tomlinson, Thomas Jones, Danny Woodhead, Montario Hardesty, Mike Goodson, Rashad Jennings, Ronnie Brown
       Player I want most: Not really anyone besides Woodhead. I mean, who doesn't like that little guy. He's only got 2 inches on me.  But of all of these, Spiller for sure has the most athletic potential and should see a fair amount of carries as Fred Jackson's backup. Rashad Jennings is a very necessary handcuff for MJD.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 Quarterback Sleepers

QB Sleepers:
       Josh Freeman: While he won’t go under the radar like he did last year, Freeman definitely has the talent to produce even better. I would not be surprised if he puts up top 10 maybe even top 7 numbers.  With his running ability and improving Bucs' offense, he could be a steal in the middle rounds.

      JaMarcus Russell:  Last year, Plaxico Burress was ranked ahead of Russell in last year’s ESPN preseason rankings.  What this means is that a man who was in jail was more likely to score more points than Russell.  I expect Russell to consume at least 100 hot dogs and 250 Wendy’s Baconators during the season, with potential to exceed our expecations.

       Kevin Kolb: With Larry Fitzgerald as his new best friend, Kolb has a chance to develop into a solid fantasy quarterback. He has shown flashes of potential but is still far from proven in limited starts. He sports a mediocre 73.2 passer rating but will have his chance to improve on that with a fresh new start. Kolb should definitely be available in the late rounds and is worth a shot as a solid backup and potential to be a low end starter.

Deeper QB Sleepers:

       Tim Tebow:  While many still question whether or not Tebow can be a capable quarterback in the NFL, I have no doubt in my mind he will.  And despite my love for the greatest college quarterback, I do not expect that to happen this season.  But Tebow has something that only Rodgers, Vick, and Freeman have: running ability.  In the three games Tebow started, he scored 22, 22, and 27 fantasy points.  He helped those few owners out who started him during the fantasy playoff weeks with very solid numbers. 51% of his fantasy points came from his rushing stats and that is why he is a decent fantasy option this season and a great late round pick. This is IF he starts.

      Ryan Fitzpatrick:  He started last year on fire and some people pegged him as a must start option. Teehee. Nope. But I do think Fitzpatrick, the Harvard grad, has some potential to come close to last year’s first half.  While I would not neccessarily draft him, I would keep tabs on him for the week 8 bye of Rodgers, Ryan, and Freeman. Fitzpatrick has an excellent matchup against Washington’s defense.

       Jason Campbell:  A quarterback who has never lived up to expectations, Campbell has a chance for a decent year with loads of speed around him.  Assuming Coach Tom Cable doesn’t randomly bench him for the incapable Bruce Gradkowski, don’t be surprised if Campbell finally puts in a good one.

2011 Fantasy QB Rankings

Ranking   Player                  Bye Week
1           Aaron Rodgers       8
2           Drew Brees            11
3           Michael Vick          7
4           Philip Rivers           6
5           Tom Brady             7
6           Peyton Manning     11
7           Tony Romo            5
8           Matt Schaub          11
9           Ben Roethlisberger 11
10         Matt Ryan              8
11         Josh Freeman        8
12         Joe Flacco             5
13         Sam Bradford         5
14         Matt Cassel           6
15         Eli Manning            7

Tier 1: Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, Drew Brees
       Player I rather have: Aaron Rodgers. Vick is a big risk in the first round for reasons stated in my previous article, but still an elite QB. Rodgers has proven himself after 3 spectacular seasons and has no reason to slow down with an offense that has even more potential this year.
       Why is Brees here and not the next tier? He threw for a career high 22 interceptions last year, but also had a career high in 658 pass attempts. He has thrown for at least 33 touchdowns in the past three years and has easily eclipsed 4,000 passing yards in the past 5. He is much safer a pick than Vick.

Tier 2: Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning
       Player I would rather have:  Philip Rivers. While Manning and Brady are both benchmarks for consistency and always very safe and solid picks, I think Rivers’ potential and talent around him makes him a better option. That said, you clearly cannot go wrong with any of these players. Manning’s neck also worries me a little bit and so does Brady’s receiving corp. But has that ever stopped them?

Tier 3: Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, Ben Roethlisberger
       Player I would rather have: Tony Romo. He was on pace for a monster season before an injury sidelined him. Dallas is loaded with talent and Romo looks to pick up where he left off. Before last season, he had three straight seasons of 26 or more touchdowns and two seasons with over 4,000 yards. Expect a big season from Romo.

Tier 4: Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman, Joe Flacco, Sam Bradford,
       Player I would rather have: Matt Ryan. Ryan exceeded expectations and had a great season throwing for 28 TD’s and 3,705 yards. With Julio Jones, I expect him to do just as well. The Falcons are still a run first, pound the ball team, but that shouldn’t keep you from drafting him.
       This tier has several solid quarterbacks for those who miss out on the elite QB’s. The possibility of a 2 QB strategy starts here as one can take two of the above and play matchups, hot streaks, etc.

Tier 5: Matt Cassel, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Kevin Kolb, Matt Stafford
       Player I want on my team: Matt Stafford. Stafford has loads of potential on a vastly improving Lions team. He has stud Calvin Johnson to throw to and has potential to put up great numbers. The main concern is his injury risk as he has only played in 13 of 32 games. But for a late round flier, he could produce like a low-end number 1 option.
       Players I never ever want on my team: Jay Cutler and Matt Cassel. Jay Cutler is just way too inconsistent for fantasy and the Chicago Bears. And Cassel really is just an average quarterback who completes under 60% of his passes. If you draft either of these, make sure to draft another solid quarterback for if and when these two go cold.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nate Robinson to the NFL?

       Nate Robinson of the Oklahoma City Thunder declared recently that he may give the NFL a shot.  This is in the midst of the NBA lockout. So, Nate, you're thinking of going from one locked out sport to another locked out sport. Okay. Hmm...

       Well assuming Nate actually does give the NFL a shot, the question is if he actually make an NFL roster.  At 5'9", 180 pounds, he is undersized but extremely athletic and agile with a 43 inch vertical.  In high school, he played running back, wide receiver and defensive back. But if he were to play in the NFL, I think DB would be most suitable. Many people do not know that Robinson actually played one year of college ball at the University of Washington and recorded 34 tackles and 2 interceptions as a cornerback ( Not bad eh?

Fantasy football implications: 
       Let's say, for instance, Nate becomes a running back. I see him as a surefire 2nd round pick and no lower than the 3rd round. After all, we've seen so many athlete transitions from the NBA to the NFL... I think Robinson will be best suited for the Seahawks where he can sport his Kryptonite green, leaving defenders helpless. His only goal will be to score touchdowns so he can show off his decent dunking ability on the goal post. With his slam dunk experience, I expect nothing less than him passing to himself with a sweet underhand lob, leaping over his lineman, catching the ball and going through the legs.  This should leave him in the open field for some big gains.

       So once you take Nate Robinson in the 2nd round, you should definitely look at a similar Nate in the 3rd round.  Just 3 inches shorter, white, and a sleek 150 pounds, Nate Amodio showed potential in the latest intramural football season. He is relative unknown in the football world, but could make a splash if he improves on his 10 TD's to 12 picks and 1-3 record. With Robinson as your starting running back and Amodio at your starting quarterback, I don't see how your season can go wrong.

Here are some of Nate Robinson's high school highlights for those interested.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Michael Vick, the Number One Pick?

Michael Vick’s reemergence last season with Philadelphia was the fantasy story of the year and led countless owners to fantasy championships. His 57 point outburst against Washington in week 10 ranks as one of the best performances in history and is one of the reasons some people are considering Vick as the number 1 overall  pick in this upcoming fantasy season. My response to that: NO. Nope. Don’t fall for it. No.

There is no doubt Vick is extremely gifted and is a top 5 fantasy quarterback, but number 1 overall? I just do not see it. For starters, there are two extremely safe options in Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson and maybe even Arian Foster. There is a huge ceiling for Vick, but I think the risk is too great for the number 1 pick.  With Vick, there are several concerns that I have with him.

We all know that much of Vick’s fantasy value stems from his uncanny rushing ability and last year was no exception. For his career, Vick’s rushing stats have accounted for 42.3 % of his total fantasy output. Last year was surprisingly low as his rushing totals accounted for only 38 % of his total. However, his 9 rushing touchdowns in just 12 games contributed to much of that, putting Vick into the elite quarterback category.  Now imagine that for a full season! But wait, even for Vick, that will be extremely hard to repeat as rushing touchdowns vary greatly year to year. For his 4 previous full seasons, Vick averaged 4.75 rushing touchdowns a season. Vick should be good for about 5 rushing touchdowns a year, but 9 just seems highly unlikely again. While 5 is good and a great bonus for a quarterback, it wont be enough to make me draft Vick first.

Anyone remember when Braylon Edwards scored 16 touchdowns in 2007 and then bet next year he would have twice as many touchdown as Michael Phelps had gold medals? Well, he had 3 the next season. I think Phelps won that bet… While Edwards is not on the talent level of Vick, my point is that touchdown production is tough to match on a yearly basis. And with regards to rushing touchdowns, the fluctuation among individuals is great and can vary based on a number of factors. For Vick to match 9 would require many things to go right.

Will we be seeing Vick on the sideline this year?
And the thing that scares me most of Michael Vick is him being one of the most hit quarterbacks in the league. In just 12 games last season, Vick was sacked 34 times and hit often on scrambles.Vick was sacked at the fourth highest rate in the league and the hits will continue. Vick is no doubt electric, but taking so many hits can make fantasy owners cringe. It could be only a matter of time before he is on the sideline. After all, in his 8 seasons in the league, Vick has played just ONE full season.

Another interesting stat is Vick’s completion percentage from last year. He set a career high with a percentage of 62.6 %, more than 6 percent higher than his previous career high. This can attributed to not only his personal improvement, but the best talent he has ever had around him. But such a high jump worries me that it will be tough to match once again. Along these lines, he threw for 3,000 yards for just the first time in his career and had a sky high yards per completion. This is partly because of the talent surrounding him and the Eagles ranking 8th in yards after catch according to If anything, these could be seen as signs that Vick will continue to improve and be a fantasy stud. But should he be the number 1 pick?

The answer is still no. But would I take him 6th? Maybe. 10th? There’s a good chance. Early 2nd round? Not even a question in my mind. For Vick, consistency is still an issue and I would much rather have Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson before him. My top 2 quaterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are extremely consistent and have proven their worth of being picked late in the 1st round. Drafting any quarterback early is a risky strategy as you could easily miss out on an elite running back, even with a deep class this year. But Vick has unlimited fantasy potential and could make or break someone’s season. For risk takers, Vick is a perfect fit around the 5th pick and could be a steal even there. He could also be a huge letdown, and leave you looking for, gulp, Rex Grossman on the waivers.

Stats found on and

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MLB All Star Game

       Just some quick thoughts on the MLB All Star game. A record 84 All-Stars were selected this year. 84! This is simply ridiculous. Based on players who qualify for the batting average or ERA titles, this means that 23% of the MLB players are All-Stars. Do I think that 1 of every 4 baseball players is an All-Star? Heck no! At least my fantasy baseball team saw 9 of our 16 players go to the All-Star game. Not bad eh? But I mean, it is a fantasy team so this should happen.

       Something needs to change about these All-Star games. The Pro Bowl is pointless and boring, and the MLB All-Star game simply should not determine who gets home field advantage. I think both the NFL and MLB should take a page from the NHL All-Star game. They need more skills competitions and something, anything to make the game semi-meaningful.


       Well, the fantasy football season is approaching and I thought I would finally start up my blog. 

       For starters, I would like to say some things about myself.  I am 19 [update: now 20. BAM!] years old and am a student at the University of Illinois.  I have gone from mechanical engineering to computer science engineering and I will finally be changing to statistics.  I have read box scores since I was 3 and can’t imagine doing something without numbers or sports.  For the past year, I rarely wore shoes. I have taken on the manly challenge of walking barefoot all the time.  No matter the weather.  However, I have heard that this is not manly, but rather idiotic. Perhaps the thorn that is currently lodged in my toe is a testament to the stupidity. Besides football, my favorite sport to play is Ultimate Frisbee.  My rec team at U of I won this past year and it is a blast doing the famous Aaron Rodgers belt celebration in opponent’s smug faces.

       Two of my favorite things are Jesus and football.  I love God and believe that Jesus is a life changer.  By no means do I want to shove Jesus down people’s throats in this blog, but I love talking about Jesus and am always open to talking about my faith.  As for football, I have never actually played organized football, but have a great passion for the game and the best team in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers.  My intramural football team has started practicing months in advance and we are looking at an intramural championship in the near future.  With me at quarterback and plenty of belt celebrations to come, I cannot wait for the season.

       As for my credentials for writing a blog about mainly fantasy football, I have played since age 12.  I was in one league that year and won it.  Since then, I average around 10 leagues or more per season (yeah, I know that’s a lot) and have made the playoffs in over 60% of them.  A great year will usually be winning 5 of 10 leagues, which indeed has happened. I also do 3 fantasy baseball leagues per year and have found success thanks to the greatest baseball guru I know, Kubs. He is a Diamonbacks fan and can literally name every prospect in their organization as well as the top 100 or so prospects in the majors. Deep stuff yo.  He may contribute some baseball knowledge to this blog in the future.

       So finally, here is a brief rundown of this blog.

What this blog will contain:
  • Tips on how to domiNATE your fantasy league
  • Fantasy football player profiles
  • Statistical analysis on various football and baseball related topics
  • Current sports events and media
  • Manliness
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Intramural football updates
  • Stuff I have learned about Jesus and my expression of love for Him
  • My expression of love for Aaron Rodgers and Tim Tebow

What this blog will not contain:
  • Soccer
  • Tips that will worsen your chances of winning your fantasy league
  • Soccer
  • Me reminiscing of my little league baseball dominance despite my chubby stature and glasses/croakie combination
  • One more time for good measure: anything, anything at all that could possibly include even the mentioning of Soccer