Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Offseason Impact: From JaMarcus Russell to Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning, QB (IND to DEN): All you need to know is right here. It's Peyton Manning, everyone. Not too hard to imagine the type of impact he can have.

JaMarcus Russell, Bum (Couch Potatoes to Oscar Mayer Wieners): All kidding aside, check out this article on him from Sports Illustrated. It not only captures his true human side but how he deals with the struggles of being the biggest bust in the NFL.

Jacob Tamme, TE (IND to DEN): When Dallas Clark went down in 2010, Jacob Tamme took over. In the 10 games without Clark, Tamme caught 67 passes for over 600 yards and 4 touchdowns. Solid numbers for a guy very few people knew about (I did when he was in Kentucky but that is besides the point). Even though Denver also signed Joel Dressen from Houston, do not expect him to cut into Tamme's value. Tamme will be in line for a productive year with Manning looking his way a lot.

Michael Bush, RB (OAK to CHI): Another player who shined after the starter went down is Michael Bush, who will hopefully do better for the Bears than Marion Barber or Chester Taylor did. Bush gives the Bears extra insurance and a great power back to compliment Forte. But his time in Chicago will limit his value and make Forte's value plummet. Pay close attention to whether Forte holds out because if he does, Bush could actually get MORE touches then Forte. But don't overdraft either of these two as both will be limited by the running back committee.

Brandon Marshall, WR (MIA to CHI): Wide receivers go to die in Chicago, according to former wideout Muhsin Muhammad. Brandon Marshall, who has been a cancer in Denver and Miami, is looking for another new start in the NFL. Despite a Pro-Bowl MVP performance, he was never what Denver or Miami expected. Paired again with his former QB Jay Cutler, Marshall has a chance to really shine and make a Bears wide receiver actually relevant. Like usual, Marshall has top 10 potential, but will have to keep his BPD and dropped balls in check. He dropped 12 last year, putting him into a tie for second most among receivers. Be cautious with Marshall as he is big time risk, big time reward.

Matt Flynn, QB (GB to SEA): Aka, the next Kevin Kolb? Another mostly unproven quarterback earns a big paycheck despite limited playing experience. Flynn will be a very hard to predict quarterback this season as he has shown off his potential, but is still quite an unkown. If it helps, his mentor and number one fantasy quarterback Aaron Rodgers said that Flynn is a top 15 quarterback in the league. Whether or not he lives up to the hype, Flynn is worth a late round flier for those who need a backup quarterback. He has borderline top 10 potential, but there are better options with all the proven quarterbacks out there.

Vincent Jackson, WR (SD to TB): Jackson's value drops going from San Diego to Tampa Bay but he still will be a top 20 receiver this year. The real value change lies in Josh Freeman, who will get a significant boost throwing to Jackson. Freeman, who surprised many his rookie season, took several steps backward during his sophomore slump. Look for both to be solid fantasy contributors and locks for mid round picks.

Peyton Hillis, RB (CLE to KC): The Madden Curse. The reason I did not vote for Aaron Rodgers. An arguable reason Hillis did absolutely nothing last year. In his move to Kansas City where he will play behind Jamaal Charles, Hillis, much like Bush, will be limited. Hillis and Bush could both be touchdown stealers from Charles and Forte making what could have been four top twenty running backs into two borderline top 10 and two top 30 backs. Sigh. Running back committees.

Randy Moss, WR (FA to SF): Extremely disappointing production in 2010 followed up with no teams wanting him in 2011 does not bode well for the future Hall of Famer. But according to coach Jim Harbaugh, Moss is ready to return. With Alex Smith finally developing, Moss has great sleeper potential and could be a steal in this years draft. Then again, we may have Ochocinco 2.0. Look out as Moss could be a wasted pick. While the reward is fairly high, the risk may not be worth a pick.

Chad Henne, QB (MIA to JAX): With the the incredible rookie phenom Blaine Gabbert ahead of him... Wait, he was at that one end of the total QBR spectrum right? Oh, he was dead last? That end of the spectrum. Got it. While Henne could easily overtake the disappointing Gabbert, neither will offer fantasy value. It is as simple as it gets. I cannot fathom drafting either of them.

Brandon Lloyd, WR (STL to NE): Lloyd is an intriguing receiver for this years draft. Remember that year with Kyle Orton throwing to him? Well, I do and now, imagine Tom Brady throwing to this guy. Despite multiple options for Brady, Lloyd will have his chances and has solid number 2 wide receiver potential. This should not be a case of the Ochocinco as Lloyd has a legitimate shot to be productive. And I would draft him solely based on his Madden campaign video. Legit, I admit.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB (NE to CIN): No one thought BenJarvus would produce like he did in 2010. Well, except me. But he still did compile 11 touchdowns to go along with nearly 700 yards and zero fumbles. With Benson's status still in the air, Green-Ellis role is also undetermined. But if he does end up the number one option, Green-Ellis could have a season similar to 2010. The Bengals like to pound the ball and Green-Ellis is that guy much like Benson was. Keep BGE on your radar as he is a solid option.

Brandon Jacobs, RB (NYG to SF): Hello running back committee, again. Jacobs may not cut too heavily into Frank Gore's carries, but he certainly is a threat to steal touchdowns. With Gore being injury prone, Jacobs is definitely worth a pick this year. While his production will be tough to gauge, take a late round flier and hope it pans out.

Mario Manningham, WR (NYG to SF): Manningham has always been in the complimentary role as wide receiver and I do not expect that to change. With Randy Moss joining as well and Vernon Davis still there, keep your expectations of Manningham the same or just slightly better than his days with the Giants. The 49ers like to run and this year will be no different especially with Jacobs in the mix. Anticipate a 50 catch, 600 yard season from Manningham.

Mike Tolbert, RB (SD to CAR): Tolbert joins a very, might I say extremely, crowded backfield in Carolina. And when your quarterback was 2nd in the league in rushing touchdowns, well, good luck. Add DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to the mix, and you've got three running backs no one wants to touch. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Robert Meachem, WR (NO to SD): Meachem could be a steal in this years draft. After years of a offense with multiple weapons, Meachem will have a chance to prove his worth in San Diego. Essentially taking over for Vincent Jackson, Meachem should be a favorite of Philip Rivers. Meachem could sneak into the top 10 by the end of the year, but for the moment, draft him in the top 25 with very high upside.

Oh wait. We were talking about Garcon.
Pierre Garcon, WR (IND to WAS): Garcon should be a top 30 receiver. Unless he absolutely gels with RGIII, do not expect a whole lot. Worth a pick, just do not get too excited.
Laurent Robinson, WR (DAL to JAX): While Miles Austin and Dez Bryant battled injuries, Robinson turned into a very reliable receiver in Dallas. But now in Jacksonville with the likes of either Henne or Blaine Gabbert throwing to him, do not expect much. Let's just say when your quarterback ranked 33rd out of 33 in total QBR, things do not look good.