About Me/This Blog

For starters, I would like to say some things about myself.  I am 19 [update: now 21] years old and am a student at the University of Illinois.  I have gone from mechanical engineering to computer science engineering and I am now in statistics.  I have read box scores since I was 3 and can’t imagine doing something without numbers or sports.  For the past year, I rarely wore shoes. I have taken on the manly challenge of walking barefoot all the time.  No matter the weather.  However, I have heard that this is not manly, but rather idiotic. Perhaps the thorn that is currently lodged in my toe is a testament to the stupidity. Besides football, my favorite sport to play is Ultimate Frisbee.  My rec team at U of I won this past year and it is a blast doing the famous Aaron Rodgers belt celebration.

Two of my favorite things are Jesus and football.  I love God and believe that Jesus is a life changer.  By no means do I want to shove Jesus down people’s throats in this blog, but I love talking about Jesus and am always open to talking about my faith.  As for football, I have never actually played organized football, but have a great passion for the game and the best team in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers.  My intramural football team has started practicing months in advance and we are looking at an intramural championship in the near future.  With me at quarterback and plenty of belt celebrations to come, I cannot wait for the season. 

As for my credentials for writing a blog about mainly fantasy football, I have played since age 12.  I was in one league that year and won it.  Since then, I average around 10 leagues or more per season (yeah, I know that’s a lot) and have made the playoffs in over 60% of them.  A great year will usually be winning 5 of 10 leagues, which indeed has happened. I also do 3 fantasy baseball leagues per year and have found success thanks to the greatest baseball guru I know, Kubs. He is a Diamonbacks fan and can literally name every prospect in their organization as well as the top 100 or so prospects in the majors. Deep stuff yo.  He may contribute some baseball knowledge to this blog in the future. 

So finally, here is a brief rundown of this blog.

What this blog will contain:
  • Tips on how to domiNATE your fantasy league
  • Fantasy football player profiles
  • Statistical analysis on various football and baseball related topics
  • Current sports events and media
  • Manliness
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Intramural football updates
  • Stuff I have learned about Jesus and my expression of love for Him
  • My expression of love for Aaron Rodgers and Tim Tebow

What this blog will not contain:
  • Soccer
  • Tips that will worsen your chances of winning your fantasy league
  • Soccer
  • Me reminiscing of my little league baseball dominance despite my chubby stature and glasses/croakie combination
  • One more time for good measure: anything, anything at all that could possibly include even the mentioning of Soccer