My Teams (2012)

Team 1: Beast Mode (8-5, 3rd seed, CHAMPIONS). With friends. 10 team, 2 player keeper league. PPR scoring.

This team was destined for greatness. Stacked at flex positions with the only need of a QB. Everyone had a QB so I waited. Till someone took Rivers as his backup, then Matt Ryan, then Big Ben. Thus, Jay Cutler and RGIII became my tandem...

QBs: RGIII, Jay Cutler. D+
RBs: LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Roy Helu, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Doug Martin. A++
WRs: Wes Welker, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, Reggie Wayne, Greg Little. A
TE's: Jacob Tamme, Coby Fleener. B-
K: Alex Henry. No need to grade kickers
D/ST: Packers. B

Team 2: Team amodio (8-5, 1st in points, CHAMPIONS). With randoms. 10 team league. ESPN standard scoring.

Never have I ever had more than one RB/WR combo from the same team. Never! And somehow here I got three... Just the way the draft unfolded. Make or break.

QB: Tom Brady. A
RBs: Matt Forte, Michael Turner, Doug Martin, Donald Brown, Mike Goodson. A
WRs: Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Reggie Wayne, Greg Little. B+
TEs: Jermichael Finley, Jared Cook. B+
K: Robbie Gould
D/ST: Jets. B+

Team 3: Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood (10-3, 1st in points, CHAMPIONS). With randoms. 10 team league. ESPN standard scoring.

First overall pick. Why not take Aaron Rodgers given my team name?

QB: Aaron Rodgers. A+
RBs: Adrian Peterson, Fred Jackson, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Doug Martin, Shane Vereen. B+
WRs: Jordy Nelson, Demaryius Thomas, Pierre Garcon, Malcom Floyd, Lance Moore, Nate Washington, Lance Moore. C+
TE: Jimmy Graham. A+
K: Matt Bryant
D/ST: Jets. B+

Team 4: DomiNateon (9-5, 2nd seed, CHAMPIONS). With friends. 8 team league. Standard scoring.
Draft grade: Autopicked A++

I missed the draft but used my own rankings. The result?'s rankings had nothing on mine as people like McFadden were taken in the first round. My team is hands down the best. And the roster size is LARGE.

QB: Matt Stafford. A
RBs: Ray Rice, Matt Forte, Darren Sproles, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Roy Helu, Ben Tate. A++
WRs: Roddy White, Brandon Marshall, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown. A++
TEs: Fred Davis, Brandon Pettigrew, Jacob Tamme. B
K: Matt Prater
D/ST: Texans. A-

Team 5: Championship Belts (9-4, 3rd place finish). With friends. 8 team, 4 player keeper league. PPR scoring.

The first draft I can ever say I made a mistake. With Darren Sproles available, I blanked and took Jamaal Charles. Hmmm, a top five PPR running back or a torn ACL returnee. Smoove. However, getting Ryan Mathews a bit later almost made up for it. He is a value pick now with his injury.

QBs: Tony Romo, RGIII. B+
RBs: LeSean McCoy (K), Jamaal Charles, Ryan Mathews, Roy Helu, Doug Martin. A
WRs:Roddy White (K), Wes Welker (K), Dwayne Bowe, Reggie Wayne, Lance Moore, Titus Young. A+
TEs: Jimmy Graham (K). A+
K: Rob Bironas.
D?ST: Packers. B

Team 6: Stacked Attack (8-6, 2nd in points, 4th place finish). With friends. 8 team league. 4 points per passing TD, PPR scoring.
Draft grade: A

I love love love this team. Stafford in the fourth round. Rice to start. Peterson next. Not big name receivers but still very potent and great potential for PPR (Brown and Decker). And Jimmy Graham? Championship.

QBs: Matt Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger. A
RBs: Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Fred Jackson, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Donald Brown. A+
WRs: Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown, Eric Decker, Robert Meachem, Danny Amendola. B+
TEs: Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten. A+
K: Nate Kaeding
D/ST: Packers. B

Team 7: Gimme Dat (7-7, 1st points in division, 4th place finish). With randoms. 10 team league. ESPN standard scoring.
Draft grade: A

QBs: Philip Rivers, RGIII. B+
RBs: LeSean McCoy, Steven Jackson, Donald Brown, Ben Tate. A-
WRs: Roddy White, Wes Welker, Jordy Nelson, Pierre Garcon, Nate Washington. A+
TEs: Antonio Gates, Jacob Tamme. A-
K: Nate Kaeding
D/ST: Texans. A-

Team 8: Victorious Secret (4-9, garbage). With friends. 12 team league. Lots of bonuses scoring.

For a twelve team league, I like the looks of this team. 

QBs: Tony Romo, Tim Tebow. B+
RBs: Chris Johnson, Darren Sproles, Donald Brown, Ryan Williams, Ronnie Hillman. B
WRs: Roddy White, Wes Welker, Antonio Brown, Danny Amendola, Lance Moore, Lestar Jean. A
TEs: Jacob Tamme, Jared Cook. B
K: Alex Henry
D/ST: Seahawks. B+