Draft one. That's all. Last round. All right?

  • #1 kicker and #10 kicker separated by 30 points.
  • #1 kicker was Blair Walsh, rookie from Minnesota. Who'd a thunk?
Draft one. Last round.   

  • #1 kicker and #10 kicker separated by 49 points. Take out David Akers and it's 15 points.
  • Preseason #1 kicker was Nate Kaeding. He finished with a torn ACL.

Draft one. Last round.

  • #1 kicker and #10 kicker separated by 29 points.
  • #1 kicker was Sebastian Janikowski. Who'd a thunk'? He was 15th in the preseason.
Draft one. Last round.

Sounds simple enough yet some people still don't.

Play matchups. Watch for weather. Domes vs outdoors. It's not complicated.


Draft one. Last round!