Friday, July 15, 2011

Nate Robinson to the NFL?

       Nate Robinson of the Oklahoma City Thunder declared recently that he may give the NFL a shot.  This is in the midst of the NBA lockout. So, Nate, you're thinking of going from one locked out sport to another locked out sport. Okay. Hmm...

       Well assuming Nate actually does give the NFL a shot, the question is if he actually make an NFL roster.  At 5'9", 180 pounds, he is undersized but extremely athletic and agile with a 43 inch vertical.  In high school, he played running back, wide receiver and defensive back. But if he were to play in the NFL, I think DB would be most suitable. Many people do not know that Robinson actually played one year of college ball at the University of Washington and recorded 34 tackles and 2 interceptions as a cornerback ( Not bad eh?

Fantasy football implications: 
       Let's say, for instance, Nate becomes a running back. I see him as a surefire 2nd round pick and no lower than the 3rd round. After all, we've seen so many athlete transitions from the NBA to the NFL... I think Robinson will be best suited for the Seahawks where he can sport his Kryptonite green, leaving defenders helpless. His only goal will be to score touchdowns so he can show off his decent dunking ability on the goal post. With his slam dunk experience, I expect nothing less than him passing to himself with a sweet underhand lob, leaping over his lineman, catching the ball and going through the legs.  This should leave him in the open field for some big gains.

       So once you take Nate Robinson in the 2nd round, you should definitely look at a similar Nate in the 3rd round.  Just 3 inches shorter, white, and a sleek 150 pounds, Nate Amodio showed potential in the latest intramural football season. He is relative unknown in the football world, but could make a splash if he improves on his 10 TD's to 12 picks and 1-3 record. With Robinson as your starting running back and Amodio at your starting quarterback, I don't see how your season can go wrong.

Here are some of Nate Robinson's high school highlights for those interested.


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